"Internet plus" power of flood prevention

      And in a critical period of flood control. Recently, for a really good job security and flood response, to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, Wuhan Huagong electric actively explore the "Internet +” thinking of the into the flood control work, through the establishment of water information system and the water level, water regime of 24 hours of monitoring, effective woven "flood control " work safety net。
      "The river 3.09 meters, 3 meters and 3.40 meters warning control,"...... Flood control and drought relief command center on the big screen to see a new opening of the water information system can not only 24 hours monitoring area within 50 sluice gate station of water level, rainfall and pumping station operation, can also through the water level data acquisition, real-time reflect gate station area of high low, easy to organize the safety of flood prevention work。
      Mei Yuji is the key period of flood control. The water conservancy, leveraging the "Internet plus", let the water conservancy work information and remote. Since the flood season, the opening of the new information system using Internet data, and other technical means, through a variety of remote data acquisition, monitoring, scheduling, analysis, early warning and other functions, the realization of the "not to the scene to see" on the spot "clairvoyance" effect, not only effectively reduce the labor intensity and easy to grasp the whole range of regional rainfall regimen and provide strong support for the flood control decision making。
      Recently, more rain, information systems closely monitor the water level changes. Such as system interface, as long as the monitoring data beyond the control of the water level will in the data display red arrow up, indicating the need for drainage. In the past, the need to complete the instructions through manual field view, telephone communication, and now can be real-time scheduling and control of the gate station operation, timely and convenient。
      “In front of the mod, we according to the terrain in the Wei River water level were different degree of pre drop, in order to guarantee the stability of the water level in the dyke. Application of water conservancy information system, real-time control of water level, water pump work, in order to solve the problem of the problem, find opportunities to win。