Congratulations on Wuhan Electric English website built on the line

Congratulations on Wuhan Electric Automation Co., Ltd. English website built on the line.

Wuhan Huagong Electric Automation Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise with independent legal personality, the predecessor is electric power technology research institute of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. founded in 1991, it’s a high-tech enterprise that set research, production, sales and service as a whole. Since the establishment, it has regard pump station automation, automation of hydropower and water conservancy information as the company's main development strategies, technical level of leading products takes the leading position of similar products. Which computer monitoring and protection system, DC system of pump station and hydropower station have been approved by the state five ministries as national key new products, and the former State Economic and Trade Commission designated them as the recommended products for urban and rural power grid transformation.
We have successfully completed Jiayuguan water supply management system, Shule River basin information management system, Inner Mongolia national water resources project, Wutai County mountain torrents disaster prevention information project, Ju'nan County reservoir consolidate and the dam safety monitoring project and Shanghai Jiading sluice remote monitoring system reconstruction and adding automatic measuring and reporting system flow engineering and a number of information management system project, at the same time completed Vietnam Tongnai power station, Hubei Dongping power Station, Hunan Langshitan power station, Sichuan Mofanggou power station, Guizhou Shuanghekou power station, Tibet Zhikong power Station and other hundreds of water power station monitoring system project, and have achieved a good reputation of the industry and huge social benefits.
Our company is rooted in the cause of disaster prevention and mitigation of China water conservancy, dedicate to provide users with high-quality service, and provide the whole system solutions in terms of technical consulting, system design, project implementation and technical training.