Service Support

We strictly carry out the "after-sales service commitment", we believe that the quality, systematic, comprehensive, efficient service is the basis for the development of the cause. After many years of continuous exploration and progress, we have formed the concept of service that is "Take the customer as the core, take the quality as the first life of the enterprise". And regard the strict management, advanced technology to create domestic first-class service enterprise as the goal, formulate the the quality policy that "standardized management system, strict process control, ensure product quality, achieve customer satisfaction", adhere to the "customers first" principle, build a good sale service system, provide quality pre-sale, sale and after-sale service to the customer!
One, service commitment of the pre-sale
1, provide professional advice. Answer your professional technical questions within 2 hours.
2, provide detailed information. Mail out the technical information needed within 4 hours and make sure that you are able to receive it within two days.
3, provide a reasonable offer. Provide a reasonable offer within 2 hours .
4, provide inspection and reception. At any time receive your investigation, and try to provide a variety of convenient conditions for your inspection work.
Two, service commitment of the sale
1,sign the contract and technical agreement by using of national unified "industrial sales contracts".
2, consciously abide provisions of the contract law, ensure the smooth performance of the contract and technical agreement.
3, provide quality products by the amount on time for you, and use the optimal mode of transportation to ensure the goods that you receive is intact.
4, actively communicate with the users, respect their arrangements, provide users with thoughtful technical support.
5, provide inspection, installation, commissioning and training services according to the provisions of the contract.
6, regardless of the size of the contract, all customers are fair in terms of price and service.
Three, time-limited service commitment of the after-sale
1, we will provide the relevant technical training and technical information according to the customer's request.
2, we guarantee that conduct a telephone guidance in 15 minutes to clear the simple failure of the device by your own.
3, the failure of equipment will be cleared in two days, or provide new equipment for your temporary use until the damaged equipment is repaired.
4, if the product has quality problems, we provide one year warranty for free, life-long maintenance, according to the contract if there is a contract, provide long-term spare parts, software upgrades is provided for free.
Attention: 1, product details will be subject to the physical, please confirm with sales staff before the sale. Specific model parameters, please refer to the specification.
2, the service fee is  in accordance with the service contract.
Final interpretation of the service commitment belongs to the of Wuhan Electric Automation Co., Ltd.